The basic context I provide is a safe environment where you are treated with respect, empathy and total confidentiality. I will never judge or criticize you, but that does not mean that you may not feel challenged during our dialogue. My core training followed the teaching of Alfred Adler, who was a humanistic psychologist and a contemporary of Freud. He was hugely influential on many current strands of therapeutic work, including cognitive behavioural and humanistic, though largely unacknowledged by those who used his original ideas. Adler worked from a common sense standpoint and saw all human beings as social beings. He believed we all do our best to manage our lives with the information that we have, but that often our beliefs are subject to distortions taken on in early childhood.

One role of therapy is to enable you to discover what beliefs you have about yourself and whether they are accurate. In our sessions I can help you to make sense of what is happening in your life and to work out a way forward.

Since qualifying I have also studied Reality Therapy which is based on Choice Theory. In common with Adlerian theory, this psychology emphasises that change is possible, but we can only change ourselves, not other people. We all have certain basic human needs and it is my aim to help you meet those needs without harming others. I work with my clients as equal partners and do not presume that I have all the answers. In fact you are the expert on you, but I can help you to gain insights into your own behaviour and thought patterns. I am optimistic and aim to encourage you in working towards your goals. At our first session I will help you establish some goals and thereafter regularly check if they are still appropriate and what progress you are making in moving towards them. Part of our verbal contract will be about payment for missed sessions and cancellations. Your commitment to attend regularly will help you get the most benefit from counselling.